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138 new ideas for Bützow and the first implementation of PB projects

The new PB process for the second pilot has started and the proposal phase has ended on 30th April. In total, 138 proposals were collected at a balanced ratio by online and offline submission. Currently, the feasibility of all proposals will be checked and will be ready at the end of July!

While the second PB process is already running, the proposals of the first run come to life. The first project of a PB in Bützow is already implemented: A renewed hiking trail around Bützow.

The three remaining projects will follow soon and are visualised on the website by sketches of local young artist.

Let’s see, what the new proposals will bring to Bützow!



Recapping the voting phase

A reminder: At the end of the proposal phase 133 proposals were submitted by citizens of any age. The diversity was really surprising and overwhelming.

The feasibility check was made, based on criteria published in a statue. To give an idea, some criteria are:

  • Responsibility (of the municipality)
  • Cost limit (initial amount of 10.000 EUR and no significant follow-up costs)
  • Feasibility (regarding the implementation of the proposal)
  • Exclusion of double funding (for the same proposal or earlier implemented ones)
  • Check for conflicting resolutions (existing prohibitive municipal council resolutions)

56 out of these 133 proposals passed this feasibility-check in September. All proposals (feasible or not) were categorized by topics and target groups and published in a brochure in October. Every proposer as well as target group related associations, institutions and schools got at least one copy. After that, the voting phase started, divided into two phases (also due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

1st phase: online voting 19.10. - 25.10.

Number of participants:  474 citizens (302 valid)
Number of votes (max 5 per participant) 1 446 votes
Average age:  49 years
Youngest participant: 12 years
Oldest participant:  93 years


2nd phase: offline voting 26.10. - 30.10.

Number of participants: 97 citizens (97 valid)
Number of votes (max 5 per participant) 475 votes
Average age:  60 years
Youngest participant: 13 years
Oldest participant:  85 years


Final voting results (4 proposals selected after number of votes and remaining budget):

Proposal no. 1:  "Traffic concept Wallstraßen" 357 votes 5 000 EUR
Proposal no. 10:  "Skater facility Bützow" 157 votes 10 000 EUR
Proposal no. 11: "A place in Bützow,...."
(recreation and meeting park)
154 votes 10 000 EUR
Proposal no. 52: "Extension of a hiking trail…"  70 votes 5 000 EUR


Link: Ergebnisse Bürgerhaushalt 2020 / Amt Bützow-Land (buetzow.de)

Currently, the implementation of the proposals is prepared. The proposal provider will be involved in the actual realisation as well.

The goal is, to realise the winning proposals as soon as possible before the 2nd PB starts. We are excited to see the first PB project (directly proposed and voted by citizens) realised in this state!



Proposal phase completed and feasibility checked - get ready for the voting

 After the completed feasibility check about 60 of the 133 proposals are left and eligible for the voting. The citizens may like more than one proposal and will get 5 votes, to distribute between the different proposals.

All provided proposals will be presented in an information brochure that has the following features:

  • A feedback system that shows the result of the feasibility check (green=accepted/red=rejected)
  • An explanation for every rejected proposal
  • A map to locate the proposals in the municipality
  • A sorting according to categories for a better overview and a presentation suitable for target groups

This brochure will be available online and offline around the municipality. In addition, the involved citizen initiative will support the dissemination of the brochure. Maybe it will be sent to the households by mail.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic the date for the voting phase is delayed and a bit uncertain. A possible schedule looks as follows:

  • Online phase, starts around the 12th October and will be about a week
  • Offline phase, starts after the online phase and will last until the 31st of October (During that period, the citizen initiative plans events to inform the citizens and generate even more voters.)
  • The last day of voting will end with the announcement of the results on a festival which is organized by the church (inauguration of new bells) to attract even more people through the event character.

Parallel the planning for a better IT-solution of the online platform for the second edition of the participatory budget continues.



There is a Role for Everyone in the PB Puzzle


… the proposal phase for the 1st Bützow participatory budget ended. For a municipality with just about 7 500 inhabitants the received 133 proposals are outstanding and a great start!

The next step:

… is the evaluation of this unexpected number of proposals. This feasibility check is scheduled for June and July. The goal is to prepare a final list of possible projects for the voting phase.

The list will give information, why and why not a proposal is admissible. That is a major requirement to be transparent, to give the citizens feedback and to consider the relevant statues inside of the administration`s decision-making. 

The step after:

… is to publish the voting list on August 17th and to provide comprehensive information about the proposals for the next two weeks. As such, the online voting phase will start an on 31st August for one week. Additionally, an "offline voting" in the context of an event on 5 September is planned too. But due to this Corona pandemic, this date is uncertain for now and the future planning of events is considerably more difficult.