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Summary of the call for projects for the 2022 Participatory Budget.

Until 14 May 2021, the residents of Bielsko-Biała submitted their proposals for tasks to be implemented as part of the Civic Budget of Bielsko-Biała for 2022.

Let us remind you that the deadline for submitting project proposals was extended by the Mayor of the City due to the ongoing pandemic. It is also worth noting that the electronic project submission form made available to the inhabitants of the City for the first time at www.obywatelskibb.pl enjoyed great popularity.

Ultimately, 101 civic projects were registered and published on the official website. This number included 67 housing estate projects and 34 citywide projects. All projects passed the stage of formal verification.

The city-wide projects are dominated by those focusing on the development and improvement of the sports and recreational zone in our city, i.e.: sports fields, pumptrack, playgrounds, parks, including theme parks and green areas, picnic spots and cultural events. We can also observe an increase in the number of health care projects dedicated to different age groups. There were also projects containing - to a greater or lesser extent - historical, ecological or educational aspects, as well as those supporting local culture and raising the tourist attractiveness of our city.

As in previous years, most housing estate projects involved modernization of playgrounds, sports fields, running tracks, renovation of streets, pavements, pedestrian bridges, creation of local car parks, development of areas into parks, squares, gardens, dog runs, outdoor gyms, sports facilities (including expansion and modernization of existing ones), equipment for housing estate libraries, Municipal Cultural Centre, schools or local Voluntary Fire Brigade units. The aim of these projects is mainly to improve the living conditions of the residents of a given housing estate and to reflect their expectations in terms of culture, sport, education, etc.

Substantive verification with the final opinion of the Team for verification of projects submitted to the PB, in accordance with the changes introduced to the adopted schedule, will last almost until the end of August 2021. Projects will be verified for their feasibility, their legal and technical conditions will be checked. During the substantive assessment carried out by the relevant department of the Municipal Office or the municipal organisational unit, the cost estimate of the submitted project will also be analysed.




New edition of Gdańsk Participatory Budget opens now!

The Participatory Budget is an example of how the local community has been arranging a space close to its place of residence for the past nine editions. Next Monday, the call for applications for the participatory Budget 2022 starts. In total, there will be nearly PLN 21 million Polish zloty at the disposal of the inhabitants of Gdańsk, who I hope will actively participate in both the submission of applications and voting. More and more of our residents care about green surroundings, therefore we are continuing the Green Participatory Budget. 

The amount of the participatory budget for 2022 is the sum of the basic amount of PLN 19,700,000 and the funds that have not been allocated to the Participatory Budget for 2021 in Gdańsk in the amount of PLN 1,130,669. The total amount earmarked for projects implemented in 35 districts of Gdańsk is PLN 16,536,969 (including the Green Participatory Budget PLN 3,480,303), PLN 4,293,700 was allocated to city-wide projects (including the Green Participatory Budget PLN 1,512,000).

All details about the Participatory Budget, how to submit applications, what are the general amounts and what are the amounts of individual districts, can be found on the gdańsk.pl website in the Participatory Budget tab. Employees of individual departments of the City Hall in Gdańsk or organizational units will help applicants to estimate the cost of the project, check spatial development plans or land ownership.

  • Officials are ready to help all applicants. We care about the support of the residents, because the better the project is prepared, the more details we know at the beginning, the easier it is to verify the application later and the greater the probability that the project will be approved for voting. From April 19 to May 16, bills will be submitted, voting for them will take place from October 4 to 18. We are waiting for all the ideas, we are ready to help and we invite you to contact us
  • said Sylwia Betlej, head of the Social Participation Department and District Councils of the City Hall in Gdańsk.

Green Participatory Budget

Green Participatory Budget is at the disposal of the residents. During the evaluation of the last edition, the inhabitants of Gdańsk assessed the introduction of this type of projects very positively. This year, you can submit applications for ZBO in 5 changed categories: planting and caring for vegetation in urban green areas new green spaces construction of rain gardens renovation and modernization of the development of existing green areas ecological activities Last year, 147 green projects took part in the vote, and 45 of them will be implemented this year. Important! Projects submitted as part of the Green Participatory Budget may be located only on areas owned by the City and on areas owned by the State Treasury under the permanent management of the Mayor of Gdańsk. Electronic submission of projects In the new edition of BO, the rules for the delivery of the printed application form and the number of signatures in support of the project have been specified. Changes were proposed that will affect the more efficient and faster verification of projects and the examination of appeals.

The BO project should be submitted electronically via the website www.gdansk.pl. Then, the application form with attachments must be printed, signatures of support from the inhabitants of Gdańsk must be collected (the required number of signatures of support for a district project is still 1 signature, while for a city-wide project – 30 signatures) and within 7 days deliver the paper version to any Resident Service Team of the City Hall in Gdańsk. You can also send it by post to the address of the office or use a trusted profile on the e-PUAP platform.

You can submit any number of district and city-wide projects.

Participatory Budget (Budżet Obywatelski – BO) 2022 schedule

All necessary information is available here in Polish: https://www.gdansk.pl/wiadomosci/rusza-budzet-obywatelski-2022-gdanszczanki-i-gdanszczanie-moga-juz-skladac-projekty,a,193744

  • April 19 – May 16, 2021 – submission of projects
  • until September 15, 2021 – verification of projects
  • by 20 September 2021 – drawing numbers of projects
  • 4 – 18 October 2021 – vote
  • by 25 October 2021 – announcement of voting results. 



Changes to the BOBB 2022 schedule. Extended time for project submission

Due to the current situation in our city and country related to the ongoing pandemic, the Mayor of the City - Jarosław Klimaszewski, on 7 April 2021 decided to change some deadlines resulting from the adopted schedule of the Civic Budget of Bielsko-Biała for 2022.

The changes include, first of all, extension of the deadline for submitting project proposal forms by the residents and extension of the deadline for voting on the positively assessed projects. Thus, the dates listed on the official BOBB 2022 website have been changed.

Revised deadlines:

  • The submission of project forms by residents runs from 23 March to 14 May 2021 (inclusive),
  • Formal evaluation of projects submitted to the BOBB for 2022 lasts until 20 May 2021,
  • The opinion of the projects with regard to their location by the relevant Neighbourhood Councils lasts until 18 June 2021,
  • Substantive evaluation of projects, including as to their legality and technical feasibility lasts until 30 June 2021,
  • Voting of residents for positively verified projects from 23 September to 9 October 2021. (inclusive).



Telephone and e-mail consultation points - EmPaci Pilot Testing 2!

In view of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and in order to support and strengthen measures to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as out of concern for the health of us all, we would like to inform you that the recommended way to submit projects to BOBB 2022 is electronically.

Everyone is encouraged to download from the website and send to projekty@obywatelskibb.pl scans of project proposal forms with attached letters of support (only for city-wide projects) and statements (if necessary). It is also possible to send photos of all pages of the completed project form with the list of support for the project (applicable only to city-wide projects).



Bielsko-Biała Participatory Budget for 2022

5 March 2021 President of the City of Bielsko-Biała issued an order which defines the most important dates of the PB 2022 procedure.

The ninth edition of the Civic (Participatory) Budget was launched, which will enable the implementation of the winning projects in 2022. The current edition of the Civic Budget of Bielsko-Biała is based on the resolution of the City Council of Bielsko-Biała on Civic Budget of Bielsko-Biała, already proven solutions from previous editions and provides for higher than previously amounts for housing estate tasks.

The Civic Budget amounts to a total of PLN 7,400,000.00, with the general pool of funds distributed as follows:

  • the amount of PLN 1,400,000.00 gross was allocated to all-city projects
  • the amount of PLN 6,000,000.00 gross was allocated to housing estate projects. This amount is distributed in equal parts, PLN 200,000 for each housing estate.

A task of general city character is a project whose estimated cost of realisation does not exceed PLN 700,000 gross, concerning a task realised in the area of more than one subsidiary unit of the city or addressed to all the inhabitants of Bielsko-Biała.

A housing estate project is a project which is clearly assigned to an auxiliary unit of the city, in the area of which it will be implemented. The unit value of the submitted housing estate project cannot exceed PLN 200,000 gross.

 Every resident of Bielsko-Biała may submit a proposal for a general city project, and every resident of the district which the project concerns may submit a proposal for a local project.



Training administration

Communication is an important element of the concept of social involvement and cooperation of local government with the citizens, especially in the Participatory Budgeting process. The choice of the right communication channel may determine the effectiveness of socially responsible activities. Therefore, as part of the #EmPaci project, the Regional Development Agency S.A. in Bielsko-Biała has prepared a series of webinars for representatives of local governments on selected communication channels in terms of their effectiveness in reaching residents, as well as the ease of their implementation.

We believe that appropriately selected channels of communication will guarantee the effectiveness of the message of initiatives on the local government - residents line.



End of the Pilot Action

It was the 8th edition of the Participatory Budget in Bielsko-Biała. In total, through the Internet and voting cards, the residents cast 14627 votes, including 6132 for city projects and 8495 for district projects.

Among the city projects they won: "332 trees and 5 branches" (1965 valid votes) and "BB Fire Brigade" (1377 valid votes).

The following projects dominated and won the competition: construction and modernization of the district infrastructure, including playgrounds and resting places, improvement of safety, activity zones for residents, construction of small recreational and sports facilities, including: a traffic town, pumptrack, skatepark and treadmill, retrofitting of the Voluntary Fire Brigade units and development and equipment of green areas. Among the local projects you can find integrating the local community of different ages, as well as dog runways and retrofitting of cultural institutions.



Voting for the Paricipatory Budget!

On Monday, September 21, 2020, voting will begin on positively verified projects submitted to the Bielsko-Biała Participatory Budget for 2021.

The voting will last two weeks and will end on October 5, 2020.

 The vote will take place in a manner:

  1. electronic (via the website) and
  2. traditional (using voting cards). 

 We would like to invite all residents of Bielsko-Biała to vote in the Participatory Budget 2021!



List of projects to be voted in the Participatory Budget of Bielsko-Biała.

Eventually, out of all 17 city-wide projects submitted by the residents of Bielsko-Biała, 6 projects qualified for the voting stage, while out of all 52 housing estate projects submitted, 45 projects were scheduled for voting (2 projects were withdrawn by the authors).



The list of positively and negatively assessed projects. Results of the work of the Project Verification Team.

The team for verification of projects submitted within the Bielsko-Biała Participatory Budget for 2021 has completed its work on evaluating the residents' projects.

After reviewing the substantive opinions of the relevant Councils of the housing estates, departments of the Municipal Office and municipal organizational units gave an opinion on the submitted project proposals and issued appropriate recommendations.

The project verification team gave an opinion on 69 submitted projects in total. The positive and positive opinion with comments was given to 51 projects, while the negative opinion was given in 18 cases.



Summary of the call for projects for the Participatory Budget 2021

Finally, 69 project proposals were registered and published on the official PB Bielsko-Biała website. This number includes 52 estate projects and 17 city-wide projects.

Due to the ongoing epidemic in Poland caused by COVID-19, the vast majority of projects were submitted to the Municipal Office in electronic form to the e-mail address indicated by the organizers. Traditionally, most projects have been submitted in the last three days of the application period.

On the official website of the Participatory Budget of Bielsko-Biała detailed descriptions of registered projects have been published, which correspond to the content contained in the project proposal forms submitted by their authors. Wherever possible, additional attachments are published, including: situation maps, visualizations, schemes, cost estimates, etc. This way of presenting projects will allow the residents to get to know their content in detail.

Among all-city projects there are those dedicated to the youngest residents of our city or their slightly older colleagues, as well as those supporting seniors and people with special needs; those that focus on ecology, development and management of urban green areas, as well as those guided by the proverb "in a healthy body a healthy spirit"; those that emphasize artistic values or care for the safety of the residents and those supporting the development of the scientific or business sphere of the city.

The estate projects concern such topics as: modernization of playgrounds, playgrounds, treadmills; renovation of streets, sidewalks, footbridges; creation of local car parks; development of areas for parks, squares, dog runways, outdoor gyms, sports facilities; equipping housing estate libraries, Municipal Cultural Centre or local Voluntary Fire Service units. The aim of these projects is mainly to improve the operating conditions of the residents of a given housing estate and to bend over to their expectations in terms of culture, sports, education, etc.

The substantive verification, in line with the changes made to the adopted timetable, will continue until mid-July 2020. The projects will be verified in terms of their feasibility, their legal and technical conditions will be checked. During the substantive assessment carried out by the relevant department of the City Hall or municipal organizational unit, the cost estimate of the submitted project will also be analysed.

Appropriate departments and municipal organisational units should contact the applicants in each case when there are doubts resulting from specific provisions of the project proposal, which influence the process of its assessment.



Participatory budget in Bielsko-Biała



"I'm submitting a project"- consultation point of the Participatory Budget 2021. EmPaci pilot testing!

The eighth edition of the Bielsko-Biała Participatory Budget 2021 is beginning. This is another chance for the residents to change the nearest area, as from March 23rd you can submit your own ideas.

On 4 May, a free consultation under the slogan "I submit a project" will start. In the afternoon (after an early appointment) there will be a special consultation point where you will be able to get advice on preparing and submitting a project.

The consultation will last until 30 June. You are welcome!



The envelope for PB 2021 is growing!

The Mayor of Bielsko-Biała decided to allocate significantly more funds for the Participatory Budget of Bielsko-Biała in 2021.

Currently, the participatory budget for 2021 amounts to PLN 10 million, of which PLN 1.6 million is allocated to projects of a city-wide nature and PLN 8.4 million to housing estate tasks. Thus, PB 2021 has been increased by as much as PLN 3.4 million..

Each of the 30 housing estates in Bielsko-Biała will have the amount of PLN 280 thousand at their disposal for the tasks submitted under the participatory budget. It is also important to note that the value of the general city task may not exceed PLN 800 thousand, and the tasks of the housing estate may not exceed PLN 280 thousand.



Bielsko-Biała Participatory Budget for 2021

31 January 2020 The President of the City of Bielsko-Biała issued an order which defines the most important dates of the PB 2021 procedure.

The most important assumptions of the 8th edition of the Participatory Budget:

  • The total amount of funds allocated to the Bielsko-Biała Civic Budget for 2021 was increased to PLN 10 million, of which PLN 8.4 million was allocated to housing estate projects and PLN 6 million to general city projects. In the new distribution, each of the housing estates in Bielsko-Biała will receive PLN 280 thousand (PLN 150 a year ago) to be spent.
  • The project for the Participatory Budget for 2021 can be submitted by an resident of Bielsko-Biała.
  • For a city-wide project a list of supporters with signatures of at least 30 residents of Bielsko-Biała is required, while for a housing estate project a list of signatures of residents supporting the project is not required.
  • Voting on positively verified projects is carried out electronically by means of an interactive electronic form and by means of voting cards available at "voting points" designated by a separate order. The Mayor of the City will indicate "Voting Points" for residents and define the days and hours of their operation.
  • Voting for positively verified projects takes 15 days.
  • An inhabitant entitled to vote may cast a maximum of two votes, of which one for a city-wide project and one for a housing estate project; only an inhabitant of the given housing estate, to which the project relates, may vote for a housing estate project.
  • The implementation of the winning projects takes place in the following budget year, i.e. after the winning projects have been entered into the budget of the City of Bielsko-Biała for 2021 (hence the name PB 2021).

The schedule of the Participatory Budget of the 8th edition:

  • Stage I: Education and information campaign
    • Education and information campaign - from 1 March 2020 (EmPaci Team)
  • Stage II: Submission of project proposals by residents
    • Submission by residents of project forms to the PB for 2021 - from 23 March 2020 to 24 April 2020
  • Stage III: Evaluation and evaluation of projects
    • Formal assessment of projects submitted to the PB for 2021 - by 30 April 2020
    • Opinions on citizens' projects due to their location by the relevant Housing Estate Councils - by 10 June 2020
    • Substantive appraisal of projects - by 19 June 2020
    • Publication of information with the results of the opinion - by 17 August 2020
    • Publication of the list of projects to be voted on taking into account the results of the appeal procedure - by 15 September 2020
  • Stage IV: Voting of residents on projects
    • Residents' vote - from 21 September 2020 to 5 October 2020
    • Making the results of the vote public - by 12 October 2020
  • Stage V: Publication of the list of projects to be implemented
    • Announcement of the list of selected projects to be implemented in 2021 by the President of the City - by 20 October 2020
    • Entering the winning tasks in the draft City Budget for 2021, specifying the Departments or municipal organisational units to implement the projects selected by voting - by 26 October 2020